Frequently Asked Questions

How many teams do you carry per age group?

We typically carry two teams per age group from grades 4 to 11. The team names are purple and white.

Do the teams have the exact same program? Do they practice at the same place, play in the same tournaments, etc.?

Both teams have the exact same program. They practice together and play in the same tournaments.

How many players do you typically carry for each team?

We tend to have between 18 and 20 field players and 2 goalkeepers per team.

Who coaches your teams? Does each team have the same coaches every year or will they have different coaches from one year to the next?

  • Each age group (both teams) will have either JoAnn Yusko, Lorraine Beers or Jessica Lake as their head coach, supported by 3 coaches who are current college players and/or recent alumna of the club program.
  • The head coach will stay with their specific age group from middle school through 11th grade, while the college players/coaches may rotate year to year.
  • We believe that this structure will provide the best development and recruiting support as players enter high school – their head coach will have unique and important perspective on their abilities that will help drive the recruiting process.


Currently, the age groups are coached as follows:

2020: JoAnn Yusko

2021: Lorraine Beers

2022: Jessica Lake

2023: JoAnn Yusko

2024: Lorraine Beers

2025: Jessica Lake

2026: JoAnn Yusko


Additionally, a goalie coach will be present at each practice and tournament.

How does the club approach playing time and substitutions at tournaments? Do all players get equal time on the field?

  • We play equal playing time across all age groups and try to structure our teams to accommodate an even rotation among players and positions – in general, we like to carry up to 9 midfielders, 6 low defenders and 5 low attackers per team.


  • We make substitutions in “lines” – if you are a midfielder you will rotate through the low attack or low defense when your line is not in.

What position will my daughter play? If she is registered with the club as a midfielder can I assume that is the position she will play with the team?

  • Players can expect to play the position they registered as and we are committed to coaching and teaching these positions.


  • For midfielders, it is important that players learn the fundamentals of both attack and defense. We carry 2 to 3 lines of midfielders per team, so midfielders can expect to hone their skills on both ends of the field as they typically play one rotation on low attack or defense per game.

Can I play for another club organization if I already play for Phantastix? Why can’t I play for two teams if there are no scheduling conflicts? 

  • No. It is our club policy that all Phantastix players commit to playing for only one club organization.


  • This policy is in place to protect our players and to ensure that they have as successful a recruiting process as possible.
    • While playing for multiple clubs might increase a player’s exposure to college coaches and time on the lacrosse field, it confuses and frustrates college coaches when it comes to player-coach communication.
    • We’ve found that playing for multiple clubs adversely impacts the recruiting process and as a result ask that our players make the same full commitment that we as coaches make to them.

When do you hold practices in the fall? What about next spring/summer? Where?

  • Fall practices are typically held on Saturdays.


  • During the summer months our practice schedule varies week to week, but teams typically practice twice per week (practices are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). Our summer practice schedule begins in late May.


  • All club practices are held at Notre Dame Academy.

Are all tournaments fees included in club fee? Is the only extra expense travel for tournaments?

  • Yes, all fees are included in the annual team fee with the exception of travel expenses.


  • There will be optional events (tournaments and leagues) throughout the year that cost extra, but are in no way mandatory.

How much of a time commitment is it to participate on one of your teams? What’s required?

  • High School: The level of commitment is higher in high school than in middle school. To participate at the high school level, we require both a late spring/summer commitment (typically 10-13 practices and 4-5 tournaments) as well as a fall commitment (2-3 practices and 3-4 tournaments). The fall is extremely important to the recruiting process and high school players who are selected for summer tournament teams are expected to attend all mandatory fall events.


  • Middle School: In middle school, participating in the fall is optional (3 practices and 1 tournament). The summer commitment includes 3-4 tournaments and ~10 practices. We do offer fall and winter league teams for those looking for additional playing opportunities.

How does the club approach the college recruiting process? What can my daughter and I expect?

  • You will find that we are very invested in your recruiting process.


  • Throughout the year we educate players and parents about this process and provide continued guidance as you move through its different stages. This includes:
    • A group meeting on the general recruiting timelines and trends;
    • A 1-on-1 consultation with the athlete and their parent(s);
    • Advice on written correspondence with college coaches (email templates and examples); and
    • Direct third party communication with college coaches (as coaches cannot contact athletes directly)


  • Most importantly, we will provide honest communication and feedback to all of our athletes and their families throughout the process, guiding you through the maze that is college recruiting without charging you extra. We believe that our brand name and network coupled with our 15+ years of recruiting experience offers us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

My daughter is just starting the recruiting process and I have a lot of questions – should I ask parents of other players for their advice?

No. While parents of other players will likely want to help you by offering their personal advice, insights and more on the recruiting process, we ask that you come to your coaching staff directly with any questions.


  • Parent perspective is often one-dimensional and unique to their family’s experience;


  • The Phantastix coaching staff has counseled hundreds of players and their families through this process and can offer you directly relevant knowledge based on their more than 40 years of combined experience.

I went to [INSERT UNIVERSITY]’s [prospect day / camp / clinic], but I haven’t heard anything since. Should I assume that they’re just not interested? What should I do?

  • This is a long process for most recruits and any coach will want to see you play numerous times at camps clinics and tournaments before they make any final decisions.


  • Some girls, including your teammates, will commit to programs before you do. Do not panic!


  • You should feel free to reach out to your Phantastix coaches directly at any point in the process to discuss next steps with specific programs.

How do I pay my dues?

  • Checks should be made out to Phantastix Lacrosse LLC


  • All payments should be mailed to 2 Pine Tree Drive, Broomall PA 19008