About Us

The PHANTASTIX are middle and high school tournament level teams (grades 3 thru 11) composed of serious lacrosse players who demonstrate great promise, who desire to improve their playing skills and techniques, and who are committed to the sport of lacrosse.We offer a year round program while supporting the multi-sport athlete.  We have two locations - Wayne, PA area and Lancaster, PA Area (West).


The Club strives to develop character, build confidence, and increase the self-esteem of its members through an instructional and supportive team environment.


PHANTASTIX is owned and directed by JoAnn Yusko, Lorraine Beers and Jessica Brophy Lake. Phantastix was founded in 1999 by JoAnn Yusko and Sue Frazier.  The club is supported by a highly experienced group of coaches and strives to support its players in all aspects of their development.   Many of our coaches are top collegiate players and alumni of our club.

Our Phantastix West Division was founded in 2018 based out of Central Pa (Lancaster Area).  This is run and directed by Claudia Ovchinnikoff.



Phantastix has been highly successful in helping our players achieve their goal of playing at the next level whether it be D1, D2, or D3.  We strongly believe in helping our players find the right fit for them so they can thrive at the collegiate level.  Lorraine Beers has over 25 years of college recruiting experience and Jess Lake has well over ten years.  They provide honest communication and feedback to all of our athletes and families throughout the process, guiding you through the maze that is college recruiting without charging you extra.  We believe that with our brand name and network coupled with our years of experience gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace.