The PHANTASTIX are middle and high school tournament level teams (grades 4 thru 11) composed of serious lacrosse players who demonstrate great promise, who desire to improve their playing skills and techniques, and who are committed to the sport of lacrosse. The Club strives to develop character, build confidence, and increase the self-esteem of its members through an instructional and supportive team environment.


Middle School

The Phantastix Middle School program has 3 seasonal components:
   ~Fall Ball Program (all elements are optional)
          Fall League ( 7 v 7 )
          3 Clinics
          2 Tournaments
   ~Winter Program (optional) is a 7 v 7 indoor league.
   ~Spring/Summer Program (mandatory) will include 2-3 clinics, 10 coached           practice sessions and 4 tournaments.

High School

The Phantastix High School Program includes:
   ~Fall Program (mandatory) consisting of 3 practices & 2-3 recruiting           tournaments
   ~Winter Indoor League (optional)
   ~Summer Program (mandatory) consisting of 10 coached practice sessions           & 4-5 recruiting tournaments.


Players are selected for invitation into the Club based on their potential for improvement, coachability, athleticism, skill level, understanding of the game, and dedication to the sport.


PHANTASTIX is owned and directed by JoAnn Yusko, Lorraine Beers and Jessica Brophy Lake. Phantastix was founded in 1999 by JoAnn Yusko and Sue Frazier.The club is supported by a highly experienced group of coaches and strives to support its players in all aspects of their development.



The fee for the MIDDLE SCHOOL players will include interactive, quality coaching designed to improve individual and team skills, all tournament registrations, competitive playing experiences, equal playing time for all dedicated team members in good standing, a Training Manual (Performance & Nutrition Counseling), all field costs, coaches’ fees, meeting room rentals, and email updates.

The fee for HIGH SCHOOL players includes all of the items listed above as well as recruitment guidance, photo/contact cards for college coaches, and intermediary services between athletes and college coaches.

Note: All travel related expenses are extra and are the responsibility of each individual player.


In general, fees are as follows:

2019 $1,450
2020 $1,500
2021 $2,000
2022 $1,800
2023 $1,400
2024 $1,200
2025 $900
2026 $900

includes fall 2018 and summer 2019 tournaments

Payment terms are spread over 4 to 5 periods from September 15th to May 15th. Refunds will be handled on an individual basis and will reflect any moneys which may have been used to reserve a player’s intended participation in any and all projected team activities.
There will be NO REFUNDS for any reason after MARCH 1.


The PHANTASTIX program is a competitive one and membership invitations are extended for a single year of participation only. All players are reevaluated annually.